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The name is Priyanka Vijay

February 14, 2016 Leave a comment

If you have to ask, I was born in a typical middle class family. But not once have I experienced that or raised with inhibitions that girls face in India.

I was born a human and raised as a human. Gender hardly played an obstacle for me until recent times. Yes! I have to know the time and kind of place I am at for my safety but then I am referring to the other obstacles I face and overcome everyday, not really an obstacle more of a hiccup, not for me but the rest I’d say.

The one thing I constantly find myself doing is explain myself. So let’s start with my name. Most women around me generally change their surname once they get married and they comfortably do it. It’s their choice and they choose to do that. Some retain their surname and add one more from their new family, again good for them. And what is my choice you ask? I would like to live the rest of my life being called by the same name I know I have had, since birth. My mom and dad decided to give me my dad’s name as a surname, I was too small to even choose so I started living with that name and now I would like to live with that for the rest of my life. It is as simple as that.

Funnily enough people  whom I meet for the first time, often think my husband’s name is Vijay because I am married now and that is my surname. Then I correct them, that’s my dad’s name and Priyanka Vijay has always been my name and will continue to be.
While I have retained it and my closest friend who fell in love with me for all that I am (including all this talk )and  who is now my husband, is a 100% ok with it, some people have the audacity of changing and publishing my name around to their convenience without my permission, to all of them I would like to say, the name is Ms. Priyanka Vijay. Read it, learn it, memorize it!
You like it or not, the official name was, is and will remain the same. It has bugged me many a times and I have remained quiet about it, considering the lost identity that I already lead, henceforth I will not stand my name being changed for anyone’s convenience. And to tell you why it is important,
A. That is my name.
B. I choose not to change surnames because clearly not everyone is expected to change and my husband gets to keep his name intact
C. Yes. I would like to carry the family name forward as well, at least till my generation (who knows if I would be able to give my kid my initials too).

So Do not mess with my name.

P.S – to those who play with my surname to bug me, you know who you are, that’s fine! I know you pull my leg doing that and I still love u guys :*

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